The Essentials of True Rockabilly Style for Ladies

The Essentials of True Rockabilly Style for Ladies


Modern rockabilly style is a little bit rock and a little bit hillbilly, and brings together not only clothes, but music, hair, makeup, hotrods, and art. We love rockabilly style here at Red Devil Clothing, and feature some incredible shirts that celebrate the spirit.

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Here are the essentials of rockabilly style.

The Hair

Having the perfect hairdo is imperative, and the good news is that the ladies have some killer ‘dos to choose from. For one, the Bettie Page bangs, which are cut straight across. Whether you wear your hair up or down, short or long, the Bettie Page bangs are a killer style to try. The pompadour hairstyle is synonymous with rockabilly, both for men and women. Women can achieve the pompadour if they have longer bangs (or your entire head of hair), a teasing comb, and lots of hairspray. Victory rolls harken back from the forties, and are a favorite among pin-up models. Once you get the hang of them, they’re pretty easy to do, and the key is to use hot curlers, gel, and a generous amount of hairspray.

The Bandana

We’re all familiar with the incredible Rosie the Riveter poster, and the bandana she wears is iconic to rockabilly hairdos. Roll up a bandana that matches your outfit, then tie it at the top. It looks just as amazing with a ponytail as it does with victory rolls and an updo! Or skip the roll and rock the triangle bandana, leaving your bangs out front, of course. And if you’d rather not wear it in your hair, roll it up and tie it in a neat bow around your neck.

The Jeans

Cast your acid wash jeans aside and reach for the darkest indigo instead. While a straight-leg jean is on point, a more modern skinny jean can be worn, too. Cuff up the hems (go big) at the bottom to let a little leg show, and wear some wedges or peep-toe heels with them (penny loafers are also great!). Wear it with your favorite T-shirt.

The Full Skirt Dress

The full skirt dress is a staple, as well as a full skirt with a matching top. And the motto here is go big or go home. Skip the dainty prints and go for huge polka dots or stripes, and oversized floral prints. The colors should be anything but subtle—try bold reds, blues, blacks, and pink.

The Makeup

Leave your smoky eye at home. The rockabilly makeup look is bold but simple. Bright red lipstick is a must-have—accentuate that cupid’s bow and the fullness of your lips, because they’re going to take center stage. Give your brows a nice, bold arch that’s a bit darker, and also wider toward the center of the face and that tapers at the outer edges. Your eyeshadow should be a light, neutral color, and your mascara should be black (bonus points if you curl those lashes!). Give your eyeliner an exaggerated wing for a stunning cat-eye look. Skip the contouring, and instead, accentuate your cheekbones with a natural-looking blush in the hollows of your cheeks.

The Jewelry

Rockabilly jewelry is the perfect combination of feminine and edgy, and the hallmark colors are black and red. Grab a set of cherry earrings or a cherry charm bracelet. Playing card suits are also excellent choices—a bracelet or necklace with the club, heart, diamond, and spade, as well as dice, are the perfect good luck charms! Anchors, hearts, sparrows, and other old-school nautical symbols make for adorable accents to your outfit.

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